Academic Degree and Emergency Room Nurse

Published: 2021-07-07 02:35:04
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Did you know that the Civil War had an effect on nursing jobs for women? According to Karen J. Egenes, the volunteer nurses of the Civil War “changed the public’s perception of work by women outside of their homes. ” There are numerous nursing jobs available to this day. Nursing jobs are always in high demand. Although some people go into this career field, not for the passion of it, but for the income, this is not a career for everyone. One type of nursing job that is important is an emergency room nurse. Emergency room nurses play an important role in the nursing industry because there can never be enough nurses in the ER.
Emergency room nurses are growing in high demand. Within the next 10 years, the ER nursing industry will increase with twenty-six percent. One reason they are in high demand, is because it is becoming harder and harder to get in to see a regular doctor. Instead, you could go to the emergency room and get immediate attention. Being an emergency room nurse there are many tasks. Although you may not be doing the same thing daily, you will always be busy. Some of those tasks include, provide care for the patients coming in, monitor health conditions, administer medicine, and advising the patients and their families.
To become an emergency room nurse you must have an associate’s degree in nursing, a bachelors of science in nursing, or have graduated from an approved nursing program. There are many transferable skills needed in this job. One of the main skills needed is critical thinking, because you always deal with something new, and have to think on the spot. Some other skills are compassion, being able to pay attention to detail, organization, being calm and patient, and being a good communicator. The median hourly income according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly income in Iowa is $31.10, and the yearly income is $64,690.
Although some people go for jobs because of the income, becoming an emergency room nurse is not for everyone, and you would need to be compassionate for it. Although all nursing jobs you have to have a passion for, being a Hospice nurse takes a lot of courage. According to Asera Care, the hospice team provides medical, emotional, practical, and spiritual support to people with terminal illness, and their families. The hospice nurse provides many things for the patient and the family.
As a hospice nurse, some tasks you would do are providing nursing assessments, plan and care for the patient’s comfort, and you would be with the family until the patients’ last day. Some of the transferable skills needed to go into the hospice field is being structured, independent, strong, self-directed, and caring. To become a hospice nurse, you must obtain an associate’s degree in nursing, bachelors in science of nursing, or a nursing degree. Along with having a degree of nursing, you must also have one years’ worth of nursing experience. The average salary for a hospice nurse is between thirty-one thousand, and forty-one thousand.
Being a hospice nurse may be a hard job, dealing with the end of people’s lives, but in the end it is rewarding knowing that you made it better for them. A third nursing job that is available, and is in demand is a pediatric nurse. To be a pediatric nurse, you must be able to work well with kids, and young adults. You would be dealing with patients from infancy to young adulthood. Some of the daily tasks you would be doing according to Discover Nursing, are conducting checkups, giving immunizations, counseling patients and families, and helping or teaching the families of diseases or sicknesses.
Although many of the nursing jobs available, you must have the same type of transferable skills, some of the skills you need to become a pediatric nurse are being structured, multifaceted, and strong. To become a pediatric nurse, you need an associate’s degree in nursing, a bachelors of science in nursing, and a pediatric nurse certification. Some of the classes that can help you pursue your dream of becoming a pediatric nurse are any type of children’s class, and children’s psychology classes. The average salary for a pediatric nurse is anywhere between $31,007 and $81,951.
If you are not able to deal with little kids, and or things you have to handle with kids, being a pediatric nurse is not the career field for you. Nursing is an astounding career field to go into, that is, if it is a passionate field for you. There are many choices for the nursing field, such as an ER nurse, hospice nurse, or pediatric nurse. There are different positives and negatives in each career field. In the nursing field, I feel as if there are more positives than negatives. You’re changing somebodies life, for the better.

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