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Published: 2021-06-29 03:25:05
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About a boy is a novel written by the famous English author Nick Hornby. Nick was born the 17th April in 1957, and had from an early age a massive dedication for books and literature. He’s first finished novel was called ‘’High Fidelity’’ and became a great success, which encouraged him to write more, and by the end of the year 1998 he had published ‘’About a Boy’’. It received great reviews. ‘’About a boy’’ is a story about twelve-year old Marcus and 36-year old Will and how they develop their friendship.
Marcus’ parents are divorced and he now lives with his mother Fiona in London. Fiona tries to not be like everyone else and tells Marcus to be himself, which in his situation means to be like her, and is therefore making troubles for Marcus with fitting in at his new school. Both pupils and teachers are giving Marcus a hard time, and not just through the way he acts does he stand out, he is wearing different clothes and have a different haircut, which in the bullies eyes makes him look even more like a weirdo.
Marcus is the oldest twelve-year old boy in the whole world since he thinks and acts a lot different from the other ‘’normal’’ teenagers, he thinks like a grown-up, and even though he tries to make himself invisible he is being bullied by the others. Will at the other hand is the complete different from Marcus. He is a grown-up man but thinks like a teenager. His father wrote a very popular Christmas song that are still making a lot of money, so Will does not have a job and he will probably never need one.
Will is only interested in getting single mums to bed, and that’s exactly the way that he and Marcus meet, through a single parents group. At first Will and Marcus doesn’t go very good along, but as time goes by they get to know each other and so they are starting to learn from each other. Will teaches Marcus how to be a twelve-year old wile Marcus teaches Will how to be a 36-year old grown-up. The main characters of the story are Marcus and Will, and they are having a bit of a strange and complicated relationship.
They are both ‘’the wrong age’’ in their head, but throughout the story they learn from each other and at the end they are both acting like they are ‘’supposed’’ to do. Some of the other characters are also being big impacts behind the feelings and reactions of the main characters. Let’s take a closer look at some of them; Fiona. She is the mother of Marcus and a rather depressive musician therapist. Her life consists of trying not to be a cheap, or more easily known as trying not to be like everyone else.
She is not poor, but not rich either. She is having very big influence in Marcus’ life. She is quite unique and she lives in the past, listening to Joni Mitchell and wearing funny clothes. She has got some problems and tried to top herself once, luckily she did not succeed. She is a bit selfish, considering the fact that she got a child to take care of. Ellie. Ellie is a 15-year old punk girl from Marcus’ school. She is a very rebellious teenager and most people are afraid of her.
She decides that she likes Marcus’, and the two of them built a strange but good friendship. Ellie thinks that Marcus is funny and Marcus gets a lifesaver. One of the most important themes in the book is obviously childhood. The story teaches us that growing up have nothing to do with age, and even though people often think that older folks have more experience and knowledge than the younger generation, the story shows us a different moral. Older people can just as well learn from young people, and it’s only natural that the learning goes both ways.
In my opinion this is a great book in many ways. The author writes in a way that makes it possible to read for people at almost all ages. The theme is not just interesting, but also important. There are actions and feelings in the book that most people can relate to, which makes it even more interesting. And since the writer have used quite an easy language the book is a great ‘’first experience’’ for people reading their first book in their second language. The book is also quite funny, which is always a plus for me.

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