Abigail Williams Is the Most Wicked of Them All

Published: 2021-09-11 21:30:11
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“Abigail Williams is the most wicked of them all. ” In the play The Crucible, Abigail Williams is believed to be the most wicked character of them all. Abigail plays a 16 year old, liar – vindictive, who believes in witchcraft. Abigail makes wide accusations towards other characters throughout the play to deflect her own flaws. Abigail is the so called “bully,” bossing all of the other girls around, who should have just as much say in what they do as Abby. Without Abigail in this play, there really would not be too much evil because she truly brings the repugnance out of everyone.
One example of Abigail being a bully is proven by the girls when they were brought into court when Abigail was there to testify against Mary Warren. The only thing the girls felt strongly about, was repeating the fact about how Abigail continuously bossed them around. Abigail put herself into a very awkward and provocative situation with John Procter. John Proctor was married to Elizabeth, and allegedly had an affair with 16 year old Abigail Williams. After people began to catch onto this promiscuous situation, Abigail and John were really putting themselves into a dangerous and confusing situation.
Flirting and flaunting their feelings towards each other, Abigail expresses her love for John in a very inappropriate manner in which John does not accept. Without holding back John says “Abby, you’ll put it out of mind. I’ll not be comin’ for you more. ” (Act One, 22) Later in the play, Abby decides to put the blame on John Procter and tells the court about the affair. To protect her husband from danger, Elizabeth testifies that her husband has not been intimate with Abigail, because Proctor is falsely accused of witchcraft and condemned to death. Abigail is just overall a malicious and mean girl.
Abigail Williams is only 16 years old and believes she can dictate a group of teenage girls into doing what Abby wants them to do. She uses a very unordinary and excessive level of authority towards the young girls, when really she should have no power towards anyone but herself. Abigail threatens, emotionally abuses, pressures, and terrorizes these girls. She even mentally harms other characters throughout the play. One example of Abigail posing a threat is when Procter tells Mary that she needs to testify against Abby in court, about her making the poppet, but Abigail tells Mary that if she says anything to anyone she is going to kill her.
Then Cheever discovers the poppet and orders Mary Warren to come with him. (Act Two, 73) Abigail also says later in the play “Goody Procter always kept poppets. ” (Act Three, 103) That quote coming from Abigail proves that she is just trying to blame Goody Procter so the blame will not be put on herself. To expand on the point that Abigail is a liar, she completely denies that she and the girls were doing “voo-doo” in the woods, and engaging is witchcraft. With proof from Mr. Parris, she still continued to insist that the only thing that they were doing in the woods was dancing, and that they were not drinking blood.
Abigail begins to put the blame on Tituba, suggesting that she is the one casting all of the spells and participating in witchcraft. Abigail lies to everyone about John Procter, the one man who she is in love with, just to cover up her own selfishness. She fulfills the meaning of selfishness by only caring about herself. Abigail does anything to keep up with her reputation and she goes out of her way to blame other people so she does not make herself look like the bad guy. To add onto her lying, she is a stealer. Probably the two worst qualities anyone could have.
She steals from the Reverend and then escapes her fear of getting caught by running away. She blames Sarah Good by telling people that she is a witch and she knows the devil, along with putting the blame on Goody Sibber, Goody Hawkins, and Goody Booth. (Act One, 48) To conclude the evidence of Abigail Williams certainly being the most wicked character of them all in this play, information is provided with clear proof to show the psychotic flaws of her. To make Abigail feel good and strong about herself she puts the blame on other people to cover up any mistakes that had been put in her way, or she had previously executed.
The only way that Abby was able to override her insecurities was by making other people feel bad about themselves, putting them into danger, or blaming them for the wrong she had done herself. After months in jail after the whole dilemma between John Proctor, Elizabeth, and Abigail, Elizabeth Procter is brought into court so answer questions that would either further her loving relationship with her husband, or it may be terminated by sentence in jail, or either of them may be condemned to death by being hanged, along with all other accused witches or participants of witchcraft.

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