A Position Paper on the Philippines

Published: 2021-08-27 05:05:06
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The ability for health facilities to care for those mothers with complications, as well as the widespread training of more midwives to better assist in childbirth is something that the government is lagging behind to deliver. In order to impose an urgency to provide better facilities and more skilled professionals, a carefully-structured and comprehensive legislative framework is in order to be able to more effectively address the reproductive health services the Filipinos need.
The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act Bill, or House Bill 4244 is an example of an effort to bring RH services to the Filipino people. One of the bill’s mandates is to centralize the local government units to provide easy access to care and treatment for reproductive health, and make family planning supplies available for regular purchase at drugstores and hospitals. Moreover, the bill would also allow the deployment of more midwives in different regions in order to attend to more deliveries.
Especially important is the access to information for couples and individuals alike to adopt family planning, and the education on reproductive health. (HB 4244, 2011). Responsible parenthood and informed choices are key in the house bill. The bill would also spearhead a maternal death review, in order to better understand past trends in maternal mortality and to determine how to improve these conditions. Ensuring the passing of the bill is the best effort that the country can hope for in order to create significant progress in the improvement of maternal health.

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