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Published: 2021-10-07 07:30:12
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Albania has population of 3. 3 million (www. albania. com). Approximly 312. 0 of these people live in Tirana, the country’s capital and largest city. (Background). Three major religions are practiced in Albania. Seventy percent of the people are Muslim; twenty percent are Orthodox; and ten percent are Catholic. (Background). Albania is the official state language (Tosk is the official dialect). (Background). Nine years of education are required by law, but large majorities of the people finish high school. After they complete high school, most of the teenagers want to go to Europe or the United State to complete their higher education to have a better future. Majorities of the people are self-employed.
More than eighty percent of the population is white, and less then twenty percent is gypsy. The current form of government in Albania is a republican. The head of the State is President Rexhep Mejdani and Pandeli Majko is the country’s premier minister. (The world almanac and book of facts 2000). At present, the majority of the government people are from the socialist party. Government has had many challenges since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Fighting is ongoing in Kosovo, and refugies continue to flee Albania where they have difficulty finding shelter and employment, work, food etc.
During the Kosovo war many of these people fled to Albania. In spite of their poverty the Albanians opened their doors to the Kosovo people because the Albanian government was not able to support these refuges financially. The economy of Albania today is very poor. If before 1990 Albania exported oil, coal, chromium, copper, iron, nickel, today there is not export of these goods because of no production. (Background). The unemployment is very high, what Albania needs today is the investment. The problem is that the foreign investors are reluctant to invest because the unstable situation in Albania.
Albania is a country about which the people in United State are learning more and more. The political changes due to the fan of the communist governments in Eastern Europe and Russian have given Albania many challenges. The country is trying hard to put in place a stable and honest government which can help to build a strong economy. Albania’s advantages location on the Adriatic and Ionia seas, its natural resources, and its hard-working people will help the country to develop into an important power in Europe. As the Economy grows and the political situation becomes less violated more Americans will visit, and invest money

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