A Global Problem: Poverty

Published: 2021-07-30 08:20:06
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First example is about my relatives and friends. My some relatives and friends suffer from poverty and poverty affects their life negatively. Especially, they are not able to make use of education, health, nourishing. These are the main elements in human life in order to develop and live vigorously. It is obvious that poverty impresses family and these kinds of families impress society badly. It is a reaction for a country. In order to prevent this type of poverty, relatives and friends should help one another in economic way.
This may help to reduce this type of poverty. Secondly, poverty is explained above in our own life in micro level. However, poverty is not only in micro level but also in national level. What I mean that poverty is a national problem for a lot of countries in the world. I can give an example about Turkey. Especially, east part of Turkey lives with poverty. It is a national problem of Turkey. A specific example is that I have visited Mardin, which is a city in east part of Turkey, and many people live with starvation.
Families cannot provide enough food in order to feed their children. It is a dramatic situation and this causes important problems such as, rebellion and terror. The one of the most important question is what causes poverty? Bad economic conditions are originated by geographical conditions, schooling level, public policy makers’ wrong policies etc. These problems must be solved so as to prevent poverty in national level and states had better help their public more efficiently. Finally, we should look examine the problem of poverty with international level.
International poverty problem can be seen Africa particularly. It is very famous that most of the African people live with very bad life conditions. In every second, four people die because of starvation in Africa. What is the salvation for these people? Many people may say death to response this question. How humanity can solve this? It is a critical problem and then solutions must be serious and efficient. Firstly, developed countries must give up colonizing this type of countries. Secondly, international organizations and welfare states must help them efficiently.
Why countries help them instead of buying weapon. Lastly, undeveloped countries must solve consumer goods and capital goods problems so as to use their own resources. These solutions can help to solve the problem of poverty certainly and I believe that humanity cannot live with this shame. To conclude, it is important that if we want to understand and solve the problem of poverty, we should examine poverty at three levels. The first one is micro level that can be seen in our own life easily and it can be solve with social solidarity.
The second one is national level of poverty that is more serious than micro level of poverty and more efficient approaches are necessary in order to solve this level of poverty. The last one is international level of poverty that is the most dangerous one for the world. It is necessary that international organizations and welfare countries do something for them honestly and efficiently. A lot of people die every day because of starvation and a lot of people will die in the future too. Examining poverty at these levels can gain us to find more factual solutions about it. Don’t be quite to this problem if you are a human.

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