A Foreign Service Career: More Than a Job

Published: 2021-10-18 23:00:08
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A Foreign Service Career Is More Than a Job Every year graduates compete to enter poorly paid but respected Diplomatic Service which also Involves uncommon commitments and occasional hardships. So what motivates these young people If nota generous salary and a pleasant working environment? I believe it Is their firm dedication to public service and commitment to support their countrys policy publicly. Work is an important and – for most people – inevitable part of life. That is why one should think through all pros and cons of a future profession.
Some people can name numerous drawbacks of entering the Diplomatic Service. It is according to the needs of the Foreign Service, not their personal preferences, diplomats are assigned to domestic positions and diplomatic or consular posts abroad. Moreover, diplomats spend most of their careers abroad. Not only does this imposed mobility present challenges to family life and raising children, overseas service also often involves security risks and health hazards to personnel and their families.
However, despite all these challenges diplomatic service remains very attractive. People that opt for a Foreign Service career are willing to represent their country in the international arena and determined to protect its interests abroad. To accomplish that kind of job successfully, one is required to have an advanced education, possess negotiation and arbitration skills. and have a deep knowledge not only of International relations but also of external affairs. It usually takes a lot of years to gain valuable experience and become a skillful diplomat.
For instance, Andrei Gromyko, the world-famous Soviet diplomat, totally edicated himself to the Foreign Service working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 46 years. In conclusion, profession of a diplomat Is highly demanding, competitive, and action-oriented. It is also rather challenging due to constantly changing multilateral environment diplomats have to work In. Diplomats often have to think on their feet what makes their work one of the most nerve-racking. All these factors demand unusual motivation and great stamina to work in the Foreign Service advancing national interests and promoting the positive Image of the country. ton

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