A Crime of Compassion

Published: 2021-10-11 18:55:12
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Barbara, a nurse, is accused of “murder”, by the audience of a TV show named the Phil Donahue show. She had a patient, named Mac, who had lung cancer and was resuscitate 52 times. It was between the years of 1970s and 80s, and the law of how many times someone should be resuscitated have not passed yet. Barbara injected Mac with pain medication and did not press the code button until after he was dead. Now after being resuscitated for that amount of time you could only imagine his pain and stress.
The nurse should not be accused of murder because the man “who she urdered” begged for his life to be taken, he was terminally ill, and the doctors were just prolonging his life and not really saving it. Patients, like Mac, have the right to decided if they want to die or not. In the 1970s-1980s, such laws have not been passed yet but out of common courtesy and someone begging to take their life away- what would you do? Mac had decided way before the 52nd resuscitate that he wanted to give up on life. His wife, Maura, even agreed with his decision.
After being a young well put together man that was a cop with an endless cough to someone who an not even stand up by himself, was very overwhelming and the six months of his treatment was not enough. “He begged us: ‘Mercy… for God’s sake, please Just let me go. ” (Huttmann. 187) How many times does a patient have to ask or even beg to take their life before you do so, and it should have not been up to the doctor but up to their family. “.. when no amount of pain medication stilled his moaning and agony… Pain… no more… Barbara… do something… God, let me go. ” (188) Those quotes are proof that the medications were not working and Mac was terminally ill, which means hat he will eventually die. Being alive is basically being able to do things and live on your own, with Mac’s situation he was basically dead. He could only eat liquid food through a tube, have i. v. Solutions enter his veins, an oxygen mask, being soak in perspiration, having bedsores, feces that burned his skin and so on.
Now who really would want to live like that- if he was not dead before then he is definitely dieing a slow painful death. It is understood that the doctors might have had hope for Mac and they was Just doing their Job. “Their Job is not only to prevent death but also to mprove their patients’ quality of life. Many times there is nothing a doctor can do to prevent a patient from dying if the patient has a terminal disease. ” (Baack) The doctors were trying to prevent death obviously but they were not improving Macs quality of life, if anything it was getting worse.
It was also known that he was terminally ill, which means you are only waiting for that day to come. The doctors know that so what exactly are they doing. Mac had Just wanted to be put out of his misery but the doctors were too arrogant and greedy to do so. Obviously, the longer a atient is in the hospital the more money they have to spend. So were the doctors prolonging Mac’s life for the money or did they really believe that a miracle was going to happen. Hospital environment allows the doctors to increase their income significantly by doing multiple and unnecessarily procedures, and longer length of stay for patients. ” (Wedekind) With that being stated the doctors had another human being suffering Just for their best interest. Barbara was accused for murder because she getting get the okay to do so from the doctors but if she did would she have still been accused ot murder or woul they accuse the doctors. (Huttmann 1 9) Maybe it would have been okay or not really a big deal if the doctors gave the “no-code” order.
Barbara did the right thing. She thought about the patient and not herself. Mac was terminally ill and there was no saving him. He wanted to die and was very grateful when Barbara did what she did. It was understood that he was suffering tremendously and wanted all of it to stop. The doctors on the other hand was not thinking about Mac’s health but only focusing on keeping him alive. The longer he is alive the more money they are getting. Barbara is not guilty.

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