A Beautiful Mind

Published: 2021-10-12 18:35:13
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A Beautiful Mind Review If you ever wondered and wanted to experience how a person with schizophrenia thinks and acts, A Beautiful Mind is the perfect example. The movie tells the life story of John Nash. You get a point of view of a real person who struggles with schizophrenia in their everyday life. In this movie the phototype of schizophrenia is described as a person who lives their life thinking and believing that there’s an actual living person or people they talk to, but in reality it’s Just delusions and hallucinations they are experiencing.
They are the only ones who can see or hear them. Essentially, it is “in their heads”. Hallucinations may include things a person sees, hears, smells, or feels, that no one else can. Delusions are often false beliefs such as being followed or watched. The movie starts off in Nash’s early years at Princeton, where he is not yet aware of he has schizophrenia. After Princeton, Nash married Alicia. When Alicia becomes pregnant with their child, Alicia notices that John is working late and at odd times and is becoming very paranoid.
Alicia becomes concerned about him but John only shuts her out. This is when John Nash’s world turned upside down. He believed he was secretly working for the government, decoding Russian codes. He comes to realize that the codes in the newspapers, the government spies, and the car chases were all delusions. Later in the movie Nash also learns that his old roommate was Just a hallucination as well. Princeton had no record of his friend Charles. After discovering that he had schizophrenia, Nash struggled with getting better.
There were times where he would take his medication faithfully and times where he wouldn’t. Alicia showed her love and dedication to her husband by staying with him and helping him through this struggle when both of their realities turned upside down. Thanks to the help of his wife and his friends Nash was able to return to his work. In 1994 John Nash was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on game theory. I think that A Beautiful Mind was an amazing movie showing his story of how he coped with his schizophrenia. A Beautiful Mind By logelaJ

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