30th Anniversary Special and Product Design

Published: 2021-08-16 01:00:07
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From November 12, 2012 to March 25, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. Jobs Performed in the Company a. TINUKIB – Iloilo Showroom and Souvenir Shop i. Modular Designs for Shelving ii. Space Planning iii. 3D Rendering using “Google SketchUp” and “Vray” iv. Floor Plan (autoCAD) v. Working Drawings of displays (autoCAD) b. TINUKIB – Iloilo Cafe i. 3D Rendering using “Google SketchUp” and “Vray” c. Technology Updating Workshop i. Bleaching and Dyeing of Fibers ii. Palm Frond Making iii. Hand papermaking iv. Papier Mache’ v. Finishing for Furniture vi. Finishing for Gifts and House Wares ii. Finishing for Paper and Paper Products viii. Lamination of Palm Husk and Seed d. Design Talks i. Rey Soliven – ii. Sionil Jose – National Artist for Literature e. Lectures i. Benjamin – Trends and Forecast Sources ii.
Rowe Requejo – Full Sizing and Furniture Aesthetics iii. Ben Bacamante – Creative Thinking f. CDPEAP Christmas Decor Designs g. CDPEAP-PDDCP-DTI Source Book in Indigenous Materials – New Design Team with Mr. Robert Alejandro of Papelmeroti i. Product Design ii. Product Development iii. Product Design Expansion iv. Book Layout v. Layout Cover vi. Prototype Supervising ii. Product Photo-shoot h. Ikenobo-Ikebana Society of Manila 30th Anniversary Celebration – Organizer with Dr. Romeo Balderama Jr. from CDPEAP i. Event Wall ii. Event poster for Shangri-La Plaza iii. Sarilikha Leaflets iv. Abaca Atelier Association Leaflets v. Anniversary Book Design vi. After Party Invitations i. Vina Domingo-Roy Exibit i. Opening Committee j. Manila FAME – PDDCP Booths and PDDCP Employees, –
Next One Now with CFIP-Cebu, Leslie Mejares, Rey Soliven and Joey Yupangco – OTOP with Joanna Raymundo, Ryan Tresvalles and Jinggoy Buensuceso i. The OTOP Marketplace (Ingress) i. The OTOP Marketplace – Visual Merchandising Team iii. Next One Now Design Awards CFIP-Cebu – Assistant Judge for Lesti iv. PDDCP Information Booth v. PDDCP Booth – Color Trends 2013 vi. The OTOP Marketplace (Egress) III. Experiences a. Knowledge i. Applied from School ii. Learned from Training b. Skills i. Applied ii. Developed c. Values i. Learned ii. Applied d. Human Relationships i. Observed ii. Applied IV. Problems a. School b. Company V. Suggestions and Recommendations VI. Requirements a. Daily Work Activities b. Time Records c. Evaluation Sheet d. Certificate

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