30 Extended Definition Essay Topics for College Students

Published: 2021-10-19 14:00:07
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“To define” means to give the meaning of the words that is why the word “definition” leads many students to the dictionary. However, it’s not so simple. Defining involves more than pointing out the meaning of a word, but several kinds of meaning or definitions. Moreover, definition essay has even more complex nature. Definition essay includes writing that explains what something means by using the extended examples. Still haven’t get it? Keep calm and continue reading. Before writing a definition essay, you need to choose a term. The term should be familiar to you, and you have to be sure enough that you’re able to define it for the audience. Choose it! Start your writing process by reading the dictionary definition of your term and prewriting ideas about its definition. Then explain the meaning in your own words and present an example. Several secret approaches you may use to ease the “defining” process:

Definition by synonym – usage of a word that means the same thing as your term. (e.g. Success means achievement)

Definition by negation – explaining what the term isn’t. (e.g. Success is not the amount of money one has)

Definition by category – comparing the used term to other members of its class and then presenting the difference. These differences are special characteristics that make the term stand out. Defining by category has two parts: the general class the word belongs to and the way the word is distinguished or distinctive from other words in that class. (e.g. Term – a dictator, category – is a leader, distinction – who has absolute power over his subjects)

Pay your attention! Definition essays do not follow any specific approach of development; instead, they use a combination of patterns. To decide on a pattern of organization, reflect on the best pattern or patterns that help you show or explain your term. Some patterns may be useful for particular terms some suit your purpose the best. It’s up to you to decide. Now check the list of 2018 most popular topics of definition essay.

Not a peace. It is a killing people under the official control of politics and military commanders. The shocking theme that been highlighted by dozens of movies, books, news programs, and marches against it, but still existing one. The main threat to humankind.
Not a friendship. Type of relationships among the people, which is based on humiliation, mockery, hate, and scorn. The way due to which faint of heart people reinforce themselves in the society. A pretty traumatic thing for young adults.
Sexual Harassment
Not a desirable behavior among the co-workers. An unwelcome physical or verbal act toward a subordinate. Top discussed theme of today’s news among the American celebrities. It is a situation when someone might be misunderstood, or fairly punished for being an abuser. The situation when your career may be ruined because of the lust.
Not a good person. Have you ever met someone who cheated in a game? Or someone who cheated in marriage? Or a person cheating in academic and business activities? A dishonest person who betrays is called a cheater.
Social Network
Not a real communication. Modern ways to share the brightest moments of life, get acquainted, communicate and post your photos via smartphones.
Not a waste of time. An activity, that brings joy to the doer. Something interesting outside the regular occupations: bird-watching, dancing, hunting, reading, drawing, blogging.
Not just male world. A social fight for the equality between the sexes. Policy according to which, the female workers have a high salary as males. The woman is not regarded as less intelligent than man. Women drive safely!
Not just a word. The unit of society that makes people feel safe and happy. People who wait for you at home, organize the birthday parties and love you no matter who you are.
Not loneliness. A decision of loving partners to create a family. It is when she or he says “yes” to the proposal. When partners are officially bonded as spouses.
Not rudeness. Imagine, little baby-pandas playing together. A little puppy and kitten eating together. Or a sleepy little baby trying not to fall asleep. It is cuteness!
Not the end, just the beginning. Imagine, you are Dobby of “Harry Potter” books, and you have got a sock. Now you are free. It is the same as graduation in real life.
Not a chirping note. Contemporary trends transformed chirping into posting messages on Twitter online service.
Not staying the same. A process of becoming better and better without the outside help and support.
Not apathy. A compassion for other people. An act of a good person. Mercy is a must.
Not the comics. A story coming from past about the great heroes. The truth of which is not historically confirmed.
Someone to believe in. A person being worshiped.
Not just fashion. A trend is the first phase of becoming something fashionable. Something popular, and not always understandable or reasonable. For example, the latest Internet trend was the Tide pod challenge, that worsened health of number of the most fashionable and non-stable teenagers.
Not just in written form. The policy, which provides every citizen with equal possibilities, rights, status and options. A possibility to act on the same level with all other citizens.
Not just a rule of majority. It is the power of voters. Today, democracy is in crisis. The values it embodies – particularly the right to choose leaders in free and fair elections, freedom of the press, and the rule of law – are under assault and in retreat globally.
Not just ordinary Internet user. A person popular among the Internet users in some of the social networks. A blogger has lots of subscribers and even influence upon them. Posts, tweets photos, videos telling about his or her life, hobbies, cosmetics, fashion trends, celebrity news, and movies. All these things are about being a blogger.
Not just unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person, as claims vocabulary; it is too stereotyped meaning. A nerdy is shy, intelligent specialist; someone, who devotes all his or her energy and time to the favorite occupation.
Not laziness. Something that majority of students’ lack-a smart planning of time. A plan, which allows you not to waste time, but effectively use it.
Not just funny. A piece of modern humoristic art developed and widespread in the Internet. A combination of several pictures supported by funny citations, or text.
Not just ordinary laugh. Pay your attention, LOL is laughing out loud. So if you do not laugh loud, do not use it.
Not just having a rest. What makes vacation not just ordinary pastime outside the home? Vacation is a period you spent away from work in travel or recreation. The more sun you absorb, the more vacation it is.
Not just a building you live in. Someone had said: “Home is where you are”. According to this, we cannot regard home as a point on the map, where you locate. No, home is where you feel free, being cared about, and happy.
Not just feeling good. Coziness is a joy, affording warmth and ease. The word “coziness” even sounds like something comfortable and relaxed.
Not just musical harmony. It is inner light. A feeling inside you that provides calmness, positive energy, and mood. Due to harmony, you know, everything in its place, in the right time. It is internal tranquility.
Not just moral, legal, or mental accountability. People vary in the meaning of responsibility according to their status. If a person is a businessman, he is responsible for his subordinates. If a person is burglar, he is responsible for causing a robbery. If it is a kid going for a walk without the permission, it is on his own responsibility. And a child is to accept the blame if the walk cause a bad result.
A state of not being a coward. Society regards soldiers, those suffering illness, and those facing danger as courageous. But what characteristics these people possess and how they demonstrate courage? Not being afraid. To look straight in the eyes of danger. Not being afraid of pain. To be ready for sacrifice. It is what means courage for me, and what about you?
You have read a list of 30 definition essays topics to assist you in writing the perfect paper. Some of the items are supported with examples to provide you with a source of inspiration. As you know, a topic is not an essay. A topic, several examples, and analysis is a little bit better variant. So take your time, think about it and have fun in writing your definition essay! See you soon, dear student.
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