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Published: 2021-06-19 03:20:03
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Reusing classmates’ paper is wrong because the instructor might not know who the paper originally belongs to. Using inappropriate language in the Discussion Board area is rude and not professional because you have to use appropriate language when talking to your instructor and classmates. Providing critique of a classmate not the content of the classmate’s work might offend the classmate and could cause a confusion or argument between the two. Not submitting work as instructed could result in a grade penalty from your instructor.
Knowingly giving incorrect information only hurts yourself because this penalizes your grade. Failure to stand by a commitment to other classmates could create a bad relationship within the classroom for example if you are engaged in a group project and you do not do your part that makes everyone in the groups grade drop. 1. Action- if you don’t take action you will not get anything done in life. You have to take action for your own life. 2. Awareness- if you are aware of your goals in life and stay determined you can accomplish anything.
3.Confidence- you have to be confident in everything you do because without confidence you will never believe in yourself. 4. Growth- you should always leave room for improvement. 5. Motivation- when you stay motivated you are more likely to do your best in everything you do. 6. Passion- my passion for my family keeps me going in whatever I do. 7. Respect- when you have no respect for others how do you expect for someone else to have respect for you. 8. Positivity- you should always think positive so you can expect the best results.
9. Inspiration- My daughter is my biggest inspiration because she pushes me to do everything. 10. Success- I want to be successful in life even though I have postponed my education I am now more than ever determined in what I do. I use all of these principles in a professional workplace (classroom) but especially respect. I have always been taught to give respect to everybody. I can do better in future work environment by abiding by these principles. I should always have a positive outcome in a professional workplace.

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