Montessori Educational Programs international (MEPI) was founded in 1995 by a group 8 representatives of teacher education programs interested in promoting peace through authentic Montessori education and practice. Dr. Helen Billings, an inspiring leader in Montessori education, was instrumental in guiding this organization’s formation. Through her global network, she encouraged these 8 MEPI founders, along with countless others, to adopt the Montessori philosophy into lives and especially in their work as educators. To this purpose, MEPI offers education programs across the US, and in 7 foreign countries. In addition, MEPI ensures cooperation with MACTE by having a seat on their board, and working in conjunction with MACTE through periodic reassessment and revision of policies, procedures, standards and criteria.


MEPI fosters and generates authentic Montessori education by developing and offering programs to educate and certify Montessori professionals and provides continuing development and networking opportunities. MEPI aims to promote the rights of all beings, particularly children, and to bring about peace in the world through Montessori education.



Memberships and Accreditation

MEPI also offers Individual and School memberships and School Accreditation program to help you grow and be successful in your Montessori education experience. Learn more below.




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Shirley Plath Fund & Sponsorships

Shirley Plath fund is a fund designated to help with Montessori educational expenses and to address humanitarian needs affecting the Montessori family. >>Learn More

Sponsorship donations help fund events at our Annual Conference for Montessori educators

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