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MEPI aims to promote the rights of all beings, particularly children, and to bring about peace in the world through Montessori education.

Ever Widening Circle by Nicole Householder

“Ever- Widening Circles”- MEPI Conference Reflection Each year at this time, I look forward to traveling across the country to a place where the culture, the atmosphere, the weather and the climate are all different from where I live. Each year I look forward to...

Peace & the Pipeline

The recent events taking place with the pipeline has so many layers to it.                                                       On one layer is the corporation’s desire to complete a job already started. Another layer overlapping this is the commitment to protect the...

International Montessori Congress

Montessori Education Programs International (MEPI) supports the International Montessori Congress taking place in Prague July 28th, 2017. This Congress is the most important and largest convention in the calendar of Montessori educators worldwide, with participants...

Cincinnati: Relief and Sadness

The big conversation in parenting this week is the sad situation at the Cincinnati Zoo where a 3-4 year old boy entered the gorilla enclosure. As I’m sure you know, the zoo chose to shoot and kill the gorilla, Harambe, to save the life of the child. My immediate...

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